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Episode 34: Books Are Hard


Stuff! You've got more than you need. This week Jody and Matt (and Matt's dad) tell you how to handle all that... stuff.

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Fake Follow-Up

  • A sizeable branch fell on the metal porch roof at Jody's rental house
    • Is it a mistake to make ANY home-owners insurance claims? The policy came w/the loan...
    • Probably best just to button it up with a rivet gun and some elbow grease Jody’s damaged porch
  • Try the new At Least You're Trying website!
    • We're pretty proud of it; let us know what you think at
  • Matt compares his home-office to a black hole which, according to Dr. Hawking, may or may not have an event horizon after all.
  • New product from The Canonical Listener -- a Valentines gift for Matt! mix-and-matchinator

  • Jody points out a funding option since The Listener To Be Anonymized Later has expressed interesed in throwing money toward ALYT...Patreon

    • It's currently in use by some pretty serious podcasters and it’s a donation-per-episode model
    • Matt doesn't feel that serious, and definitely doesn’t want to make people pay for the help we give them. ALYT is a public good
      • Like a public park
      • Or, better yet, a lighthouse inspiring, but doomed, lighthouse
  • Real-money funding is tabled in favor of Matt's suggestion to do more coffee mugs. ALYT mugs
  • At the very least, Jody and the Listener To Be Anonymized Later will need mugs.
  • Mr. Pieces suggests we have a contest to come up with her pseudonym...and she should choose the winner; and then the winner gets a mug too.
    • Listeners! Send us your ideas for this elusive pseudonym at
    • That's 3 mugs so far. Hit us up listeners, there’s a big price drop if we order 72 mugs.
    • Matt has an inside line on a reputable internet mug wholesaler
    • And maybe there will be space to store extra mugs if the nominal topic is ever addressed...

Topic: STUFF

  • Jody got rid of a bunch of books recently, which feels great, but he never seems to have any LESS stuff
    • Jody just unloaded some books (for ca$h) at Mojo Books Tampa
    • Books are an intractable problem for Matt also. He loves books, but not MOVING them. Do you keep books you’ve read? What about reference/text books?
  • Jody keeps moving into smaller and smaller residences, which amplifies STUFF
  • Matt has some functional components:
    • There’s always the “box it up and store it test.” Put the “stuff” you’re having trouble parting with in a box, and put it away someplace (GTWS is ideal for this, or your own storage unit/shed/deep, dark closet/etc.). Put a note on your calendar to re-open that box in 3 (or 6) months, then forget about it. If you are able to go that period without touching/seeing/using/thinking about it, then you don’t need it. I know what you’re thinking:
      • “But it has sentimental, not practical value!” Take pictures of it. Is it a collection? Save the BEST one or two items, donate the rest.
      • “But my kids will want it someday!” No they won’t, old man. You’re stuff isn’t cool or interesting to the next generation.
      • “But it’s valuable! I should at least put in on Ebay/C-List, and not just GIVE it away!” What are the chances you’ll do this, on even an geologic timescale? Your free-time is worth more than that crap. Donate it.
      • (Courtesy of Matt's Dad) “But it belonged to my parents, and my siblings may want it.” Box it up and UPS it to them, unannounced. Whatever it costs will be worth it if you can’t make yourself trash it.
  • For Matt, GTWS membership takes most of the guilt out of moderate hoarding of stuff from his “old life.”
    • Plus, Matt has a sizable (if strangely colored) shed for stuff
    • The boys never got around to Matt's big dilemma of CAR STUFF. Maybe Next time?? Matt's Car