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Episode 35: Digital Messages in Digital Bottles


We had a topic, but we knew we'd never get to it. This week it's all feedback (thanks listeners!), follow-up, and FFU, wherein Matt reveals his new 10 year plan for Adventure, and Jody gets hit on the head.

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Real Follow up

  • We shamed Mr. Pieces into obtaining at least one additional book for his collection

    • Is this the book?? Interested listeners can buy it with that link to support the show.
    • Also from Mr. Pieces, Pseudonym suggestions:
      1. She Who Shall Not Be Named
      2. Listener To Be Anonymized Later
  • A friend of Jody's fell down a Google+ rabbit hole and found one of our “lost” episodes on youtube

  • Real FB from the listener who still needs a pseudonym:

    • Love for the new ALYT website
    • Listener and spouse are discussing starting a podcast, asking for advice on the hardware end
      • Matt and Jody want everyone to keep an eye out for the forthcoming ALYT podcast production process page (it's currently under editorial review)
    • "Regarding stuff, the house originally had a guest room and an office. Now there's a guest couch and a desk in the den. Twice a year, each head of house needs to get rid of one box of books. The problem with kids is the mass accumulation of crispy plastic toys. I have resorted to attacking the kids rooms when they are out of the house for an extended period of time. Books are available at the library."
    • Jody, don't make a home owner's claim
  • Matt wants to show off his refinished deck Matt’s deck got done

  • And a surface closeup. It's tough stuff. closeup of deck surface
  • Up next, "Matt the homeowner" will start the house painting process. He's agreed to deliver a project schedule and budget by close of business tomorrow (Note "Project Triangle" discussion at episode's end).

  • Talking of Mugs: Matt's placing the order very soon (and may have a few more potential orders after the party last night). Should the URL be on the mug as well as the logo? Yes, we decided. When talking about it with a couple listeners, there was some interest in a larger mug. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who drink a lot of coffee. Do the tryers want a standard coffee mug (like mine form the Abbess, thanks again), or something grander? This is decided: Big Mugs it is.

  • Real FB from a listener we're now calling Maryland:
    “Oh I like your podcast! I've listened to the first two and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the two of you again through your conversations with each other. I immediately recognized the cadence of your conversation from high school, especially when your ratcheting-up the level of absurdity to make each other laugh. Your voices were instantly recognizable and brought back so many good memories of afternoons in study group with all our friends. What a gift, thank you.”

Fake Follow up

  • Jody's pull-up bar fell while he was hanging from it and he was left with a small head wound and a sore hip. Falling on one’s arse unexpectedly is much less fun as an adult.

    • Matt knows a few people who can relate to this including himself. A Camper fell heavily during camping. A non-listening friend of the show crashed Matt's bike during our last pub crawl. Matt crashed riding home from Pat’s (“Patcast”) halloween party. None of this is fun at our age(s).
  • Camping vs. Music for next weekend. Matt thinks He's decided, but might waffle again. It’s camping:Ocala Camping vs. Gasparilla Music Fest

  • TGHM and Matt went to the start of the Everglades Challenge Adventure race yesterday. Here's some pictures of the start: Pics of the start 2 3 These are friends of friends who’ve done the race the last 3 years or so: 4 Matt (and TGHM) really want to do this, and may be buying a boat for the event. Here’s the boat Matt likes the most (The Sea Pearl 21):Sea Pearl 21 But TGHM really likes this one (The Scamp, aka: Hobbit Boat): Scamp.
    What Matt really wants to do is to get the Sea Pearl to use for the EC, then use it down the line on a minimalist Great Loop expedition. He has no idea how to fund that. Ideas? Matt's all ears.

Topic Tease: FOOD

  • We’ve talked about food before, most directly on the Kids Show(s), regarding Jody's anxiety around feeding one. But there’s a lot more to deal with here. Everyone (literally) is weird about food. Matt has his “ethicurean” tendencies. Jody's partner is a vegan(?). Matt's partner won’t eat Indian food. Jody is weird about popcorn. Listeners, how are you weird?

  • Matt's ideas for next time on the topic of eating ethically:

    • Organics: ideology vs fact in the quest for ethical foods
    • The naturalistic fallacy, and fearmongering over chemicals in food.
    • The Anti-GMO nonsense, which is most popular with the people he'd otherwise agree with on food issues
    • The anti-Monsanto narrative
    • The larger point about how emotional this can all get (especially on the internets)
  • What we actually buy and cook. How we like to cook, and what are our favorite tools.
  • Where we eat out. Favorites and why we like them. How we eat when in NOLA. How flexible are Matt's ethics??

We really want your input for this next topic, listeners! Email us with ideas and comments for The Food Show at