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Episode 37 - Flambeed Truffle Slices


This week it's part 2 of the food show, with a few functional components, as promised! The boys try to figure out why cooking seems so hard.

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Fake Follow Up

  • Everglades Challenge Boat build-- looks like it’s going to happen.
    • The boat: B&B Core Sound 20 mk3. Here is a video of some guys turning some pre-cut plywood into the hull of a boat. If they can do it, we can do it. Here's the blog of a guy building the first mk3 version of the CS20, with lots of pictures.
    • Jody is still happy to have a podcast instead of a boat
    • If anyone out there wants to help Matt and the Ten Gallon Hat Man in their assault on the 2016 EC, by all means get in touch


Jody’s Food Functional Components

  • Cabbage keeps pretty well in the fridge
  • Kefir great for folks who usually skip breakfast. It also keeps well in the fridge
    • Matt requested calorie info...kefir has 140 kcal per 8 oz cup
  • Jody wants you to take a good, hard, analytic look in your fridge...could you get more functional space by removing a shelf?
    • This one comes from Jody’s spouse who always wants to reorganize...everything. But this one has paid off nicely
  • Publix mobile app (Android and iOS), good for coupons and aisle numbers
    • But bad when you switch the default store location and lose the list and coupons painstakingly compiled by spouse
  • Jody tries to by only pre-washed salad/spinach; he is angered greatly when he has to open a package and dirty a colander

Matt’s Food T & T's:

  • Matt & his partner like this cookbook a lot: One Pan, Two Plates
  • Matt also really likes his fancy Le Creuset Skillet
  • Buy smaller onions (& potatoes, etc.)
  • Just try cooking; pretend there is only one seasoning if necessary.
    • Jody appreciates this constraint
  • One more: He didn't mention it on the show, but Matt really likes cooking outside on his excellent campstove, rather than getting the house all smokey when searing a $20 ribeye in his fancy skillet.

Bits and bobs

  • Jody's current/terrible dishwasher makes Matt feel OK about not having a dishwasher
  • Any given Publix location can provide widely divergent shopping experiences (but they're all better than Sweetbay)
    • And the steak cuts are too thin, unless you spring for a fancy Publix like they have in South Tampa
  • As usual, Jody's thoughts can be nicely expressed by an xkcd comic
  • appeals to Jody's need for exact instructions
  • Pizza stone vs Travertine tile
  • Canaries in coal mines

ALYT regrets the omission...

  • Shout Out to Maryland & Mr. Maryland dealing with health issues. We wish them well.

Feedback on food?

  • Email Jody! We'd love to hear your T&T's at . Thanks for listening!