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Episode 38 - I'll Write Down Everything


It's all follow-up, both real and fake, but they boys are glad to be recording again after an eventful hiatus.

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New secret location for ALYT Headquarters, North!

  • (Jody has a new house)
  • Mom's were surprised
  • Moving went well although Jody didn’t use Good Times Moving
    • bed has been re-zip-tied (notice two pair of bed whiskers now): janky bedframe repair

Matt has a NOLA secret

  • Matt and his Partner just got back from NOLA (again).
  • He's brought back a stunning surprise to be delivered at the Crawfish Festival. It's way beyond a normal Skee-Gift
    • Although there is a good normal Skee Gift, too Skee Gift
      • Is that a Veloci-romilliad?
  • We had some amazing food, while spending a little bit less than we normally do. We've been to most of the famous fine dining spots in NOLA, and most of them do live up to their reputations. But you can find food just as good, save some coin, and maybe have more fun by getting off the beaten path a bit.
    • Favorite NOLA food desitinations, from this trip and others:
      • Mopho New Orlean for amazing Vietnamese fusion in the Mid City.
      • Mariza in the bywater was great, and cheaper than the fine dining we're used to.
      • We hit Mr. B's Bistro on every trip. Sit at the bar, get a brandy milk punch and an order of the BBQ shrimp. Thank me later.
      • This time we stopped into Ye Olde College Inn just for desert- the fried bread pudding po'boy is awesome (we've had a killer dinner here too, and it's also not too expensive).
      • We went to The Three Muses on Frenchmen for Easter brunch, and it was great. Inexpensive, creative, and delicious.
      • Bacchanal Wine, deep in the Bywater neighborhood is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots. The atmosphere is great, inside or out back-- it's the very essencce of laid back New Orleans. The food is awesome, and you can bring a crowd with no reservations. The only downside is getting there- if you don't have a car, it's a hefty cab-ride.
      • Maurepas Foods, also in the Bywater (though much closer to the Quarter) is another place we keep going back to. We love what they do here with both food and spirits. There are lots of vegetarian options too.
      • Finally (for this instalment, anyway... I could go on and on), we got down to Liuzza's by the Track (mentioned in a Dave Dondero song about Po'Boy's) in the Mid City. This is a cool, blue-collar joint with great turtle soup and Po'boys. Be nice, and they'll treat you like a local.

Fake Follow Up

  • ALYT cloud infrastructure was impacted by heartbleed, but patched same day fix released
  • Jody has added stylish links for the ALYT website (if you're reading these notes, scroll up)
    • Some styling cues graciously lifted from the Ghostalk podcast website.
      • Yes, there is now a podcast dedicated to the blog platform we use for the website.
  • Jody nearly driven mad as Pocket Casts feed sync was down for most of Apr 13, 2014
    • He'd already run out of shows and gone back to some abandoned feeds, fortunately just before PocketCasts went dark
    • Matt commiserates since he recently reached a state of “creeping recency” as he got current with all of his regular shows, and had to wait for new episodes (like an animal).

(Non-fake) Follow Up

Bits and Bobs

  • ADVENTURE: We found another nice SP21 for sale, and are trying to buy it. I’m trying to beg/borrow/steal the money (from banks, relatives, friends).
    • Ten Gallon Hat Man and Non-Listening-Friend-Of-The-Show want to be partners
    • We were stoked about building that CS22mk3 from scratch, but the kits cost way more than we thought. A completed boat would probably cost north of $8k. This is a better deal.
    • IF we get it (big if), we may be looking at the 2015 Everglades Challenge, instead of 2016.
    • Listeners, you know Matt is serious about this if he's even willing to entertain getting rid of his race car
  • Future topic tease, "Inertia"