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Episode 39 - It's More Inertial Than You Think


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Fake Follow Up

  • Headphone jack in Jody's phone is on the fritz, causing more podcast anxiety
  • After self-labeling as a software-plumber, Jody forced to do some real/meat-space plumbing
    • Matt tries to bait him into a skeptic logic-trap, but Jody doesn't bite
      • Tip to the listeners, if Matt ever asks if you think something is a coincidence, don't respond
      • Matt asserts that hypothesizing that Jody invented the pseudonym contest to steal a free mug violates both Occam’s and Hanlon’s Razors.

Real Follow Up

  • Ten Gallon Hat Man has joined Jody as a standing desk user

    • xkcd webcomic on standing desks Ten Gallon Hat Man stading desk, beta version Ten Gallon Hat Man stading desk, 1.0
    • Off air, Jody commends TGHM on his setup, especially the fish-eye mirror for the truly security conscious; no chance of shoulder-surfers observing TGHM entering his passwords
  • Future topic suggestion, Gratification

  • The Sea Pearl lives! Matt has a new boat (with co-owners and dubious financing, of course). Here she is: ILTYT
    • Matt's Partner even likes the boat: M on Boat
    • TGHM at the helm: TGHM sailing
    • She is christened, It's Later Than You Think
    • She has some problems with her pentil's (sp?)
      • HAD Problems. All fixed now: Repair pic
    • Matt puts his back into it at the oar locks
    • Furled Sails podcast

Topic --- Inertia

  • Big ticket inertia items are easy to spot
    • A house, a job, etc.
      • Jody had a recent change with his new undisclosed location, but will it only provide more inertia in the future?
      • Matt came up with this topic while questioning why he hadn't already moved to NOLA
  • Jody tries to break up his every-day inertia in small ways, but struggles to avoid getting too fiddly with index cards, text files, or shiny new software tools
    • Also, too much tinkering can be burn-out-making
  • ALYT is inertial; we get in the habit of keeping a regular show schedule (which makes TCL happy), or stuck in phases of inconsistent recording (like now...making TCL sad)
  • Conclusion: The obvious is obvious, but has to be said: It's easier to do nothing than something. But, well, you know.