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Episode 40 - Neither of Us is One Size


After discussing the listeners' responses to the Inertia topic from e39, Matt tries to recruit for a scientific study of belly-button lint (BBL). Then it's on to the topic lightning round, which Jody wins.

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Follow-Up / Feedback

  • Episode 39 seems to have garnered a positive response
    • Matt's Mom Said it was great.
      • Jody missed an opportunity to start his mom as a listener
    • Mr Pieces’ email
      • This week in Standing desks…
      • “Ergotron Workfit-S with Tall User Kit”...which is a great product name! Mr. Pieces was nice enough to send pics of both Standing-mode and Sitting-mode (not sure why mouse is different between standing and sitting): This Week In Standing Desks D2
      • Hitchen’s razor ...Matt likey
      • Weekly xkcd fix, all you need to know about Baysean Probability Theory.
    • TCL's Feedback:
      • Great show. I felt it was that much better, do to a recent personal experience. I recently had a soul crushing "loss of inertia", that I am still trying to recover from.
        So, to all of the "try-ers" out there, though we all experience a loss of inertia at some point, I believe that if our will to continue is strong enough, that no matter what slows us down the the present will fuel our "inertia" more in the future.
        Again, I just wanted to chime in on the topic because, it coincidently coincided with what I am struggling to overcome.
    • Nice feedback from Lady Sportsball, Esq.:
      • I love the name Lady Sportball, Esq. and not just because Jody came up with it.{...} I second the comment about longer show length. I've been driving around Southwest Florida a lot recently and I'm always looking for longer podcasts {...}. I can recommend Caustic Soda as another podcast for either of you. It is science based but hosted by non-scientist pseudo comedians. Regarding inertia: phone calls and emails are soul-crushing. We all get caught up on the potential negative reception of the message. I take the band-aid approach and just get it started.


  • Jody’s headphone jack is fixx0rd!
  • Matt has a personal question for Jody as a hairsuit gentleman…
    • Tryers: do you get belly-button lint (BBL)? And if so, is there body hair around your button? Let Matt know at
      • Jody notes this study should be stratified by innie/outie, or outie's need to be excluded altogether
  • Jody has achieved hammock adjustment nirvana
  • Matt needs to get his house tented...termites are getting bad. Anyone out there have advice?
  • Shout-out to Maryland & Mr Maryland- hope they’re still well (and still listening)
  • This week in boat news: we took ILTYT from the ramp by the zoo down the river to Rick’s on the River which was fun. We learned that Rick’s is not dog friendly, and that the motor is thirstier than I thought.
    Delilah in the D-O-G-P-F-D:DOG PFD
    M at the tiller Tied up at Ricks: boat tied at Rick's on the River restaurant

  • Also, Matt took his dad out and got caught in a serious little squall. Scary moments.

  • Jody points out Matt's inherited ability to seamlessly transition between expensive hobbies (or between modes of transport)
  • Plans for an overnight cruise next weekend

Topics (plural, grab-bag, popcorn-hour, lightning round)

  • Ideas from Mr. Pieces:

    1. The Right To Be Forgotten (it's like a bad prequel)
    2. Times in your life where you trusted or did not trust your future self.
      • present-Jody does not trust future-Jody to understand present-Jody's code
      • present-Mrs. Pieces is happy when past-Mrs. Pieces gets the code right
    3. Quirks. Weird things you like or don't like for reasons not completely based in logic. Could be colors, clothes, people, places. It's important that you don't have logical arguments for your persuasion.
      • Matt likes his Spacepen
      • Jody, Matt, & Mr. Pieces count stairs and deserve a parade
  • Topics from TCL:

    1. Dealing with failure
    2. Delaying gratification
  • Topic from Lady Sportsball, Esq: revisit long term goals