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Episode 41 - I've Just Made Up My Mind


It's a short show due to an impending Bonnaroo music festival, but Matt manages to maximize the time by making a big decision.

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Real Follow Up

  • Two more data points for the BBL study from Mr. Pieces.
    • He suggests...An Experiment!
  • This Week In Standing Desks, we made a mistake last week...Mr. Pieces' desk is not electric
  • Matt not allowed to use the phrase “happy trail” again.

Fake Follow Up

  • Matt confused by Mac OS X Mavericks...Jody patiently explains he can now look forward to kernel panics with “Yosemite”
    • Yosemite-related image courtesy of our climbing guru, Alpine: Yosemite-related pic
  • Jody unlocks another bourgeois achievement...personal chef!
  • Jody’s taking elevator pitches for Android app ideas
    • Matt opens the kimono to let the listeners in on his idea for a movement/music mash-up app
  • Some of our podcasting idols are "borrowing" topics from ALYT
  • Weekend sailing adventure (sea stories)
    • Matt and the Ten Gallon Hat Man hit a bridge, etc.
  • Bonnaroo is this weekend

Topic: Matt's urgent work decision

  • Loyalty and stasis (inertia) vs. Change and a potentially better schedule
    • Jody has one bit of awkward advice
    • Matt immediately makes up his mind
    • Jody laments lack of a cliff-hanger for episode 42