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Episode 42 - The Month in Retrospectives


It's been a while, but The Summer Break comes to an end with some retrospective rambling at the workshop.

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Follow Up

  • Email from Mr. Pieces
  • Email from Lady Sportsball, Esq
  • Tardiness: Summer Break??
    • TCL's podcast app only counts to one month
    • Matt had a dream...about podcast guilt
  • Jody's car tagged by hostile vehicle, AGAIN!
    • Not a Saturn this time, but an Isuzu Trooper boot instead text
  • For good measure, a picture of Matt's wife's wounded Toyota: Yaris

Fake Follow Up

  • Summer work/conferences for Matt
    • Shreveport: the hot new vacation destination!
    • Writing a bit of code: Stupid robot tricks:
    • Team Hills. Co. owning the competition.

Topic thread, Procrastination

  • It can be helpful to have minions
  • Curriculum writing
    • Procrastination Death Spiral (Copyright ALYT 2014)
    • Procrastination productivity: One author calls it "structured procrastination", that is, avoiding what you really should be working on by doing other important work. Matt does this well.