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Episode 44 - Caught Up in a Hurry


This one almost didn't happen. There were technical failure-tunities, but we struggled through. Jody has impending twins, Matt has questions.

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Follow Up

  • The latest on Matt’s Partner’s job saga:
    • The same day we recorded #43 (at Taco Tuesday, in fact), some conclusions were reached. She’s still turning down the jail job, because she genuinely doesn’t want it. She’s betting that she will be able to find another position (she has at least 3 leads, one of which is rather promising) in the two to three months she probably has left in her current job. I told her that I was willing to bet on her pulling that off, and she said that helped a lot.
    • yes, SAF (Spousal Approval Factor) - FTW
  • Email from TCL covering 42 & 43. Short version: a/c up; ants down; TCL-GTD not what it seems. But if you need a nice pedestal...
  • Jody’s car is fixed...mostly. They may or may not have left the windows down in the rain.

    Before: J's dented car, Before

    After: J's fixed car

  • So is Matt’s Partner’s.
    MP's before After:
    MP's after

  • More on the right to be forgotten:

    • This was all lost in the data-dump, and we forgot about about it in our quick "re-cap." We think it's interesting, and may talk about it again next week.

Fake Follow Up

  • Matt on his belated tour of Jody’s undisclosed location, "It's nice!".
  • Could meditation create the "space" between event and reaction that Matt and Jody both need? Maybe, says David Sparks (of Mac Power Users fame) on J&M's favorite podcast last week. Here's the episode if you're interested.
  • European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe orbits a comet. That’s already cool, but check out how they did it.
    • We briefly alluded to this story ("Triangles in Space!"), but will dicuss it properly next time.
  • Matt watched the first episode of the new Cinemax show "the Knick." Jody must never watch this, or else risk passing out.

Topic: The (two) Elephant(s) in the (very small) Room...


  • Matt should've made an index card. Send your questions for Jody to
  • Finding out about the twins was traumatic, but telling the grandmothers-to-be was fun.
  • Naming Conventions:
    • No cutsey, rhyme-y BS, but same first letter isn't rulled out.
    • Bigger issue: Last name conflict (Jody's Words!)
  • Jody wants links and information:
    • Matt's suggestions:
      • Vaccinate: Vaccines work, and THERE IS NO MEDICAL CONTROVERSY. (Jody knows this-- info provided for any fence-sitters out there)
      • Check out Grounded Parents. There's a lot of nonsense (and anti-science) advice out there for new parents. This site is run by skeptics for parents who want science-based information.
      • Also (not on the show, but): Science Based Medicine is a great resource. See this this brand new article on prenatal vitamins, for example.
      • Matt said: "You want that vitamin-D injection, too." He probably meant Vitamin-K, which massively reduces the risks of a potentially disastrous bleeding condition in infants, and has been shown to be extremely safe for newborns. This is a must-read on the subject.