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Episode 46 - Soixante-Quinze


Jody brings back a topic: Focus. Predictably, Matt is anything but focused, but has some functional components. And several stiff drinks.

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  • After listening back to #45, Matt felt obliged to give more push-back to Jody about the connection between religion and morality.
    • Last time Jody said a church upbringing offered a “little dip into morality that can inform stuff for the rest of their lives. I feel like if we didn’t do that we would be taking important upbringing touchstone...just a bit of an anchor; a fixed point from which you can evaluate everything else.”
    • Matt connects The Golden Rule with Bonobos Bonobo picture
    • Some believe that science can answer moral questions (Sam Harris, for one; Michael Shermer for another), others don’t (like Massimo Pigliucci).
    • Matt: I don’t take a hard line on that (yet) because I haven’t figured it out myself… I think the truth (small “t”) is in the middle, but I absolutely reject that religion is either a necessary or sufficient starting point for morality.
  • Short email from Mr. Pieces: The future
  • Another Twins Question (From MP/TCL): What about the dog?
  • More on Patents:
    • Scotus decision that we probably should have mentioned: Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank
    • EFF’s stupid patent of the month is a doosey, but note their runners-up (all terrible software patents). Also, the research Matt mentioned, showing that when pressed for time, patent reviewers will rubber-stamp all kids of BS.
  • Matt’s Partner’s job saga.


Topic...FOCUS (again)

  • Jody rants for a bit and Matt tries to help him narrow down his projects

Bonus: The French 75!

  • As usual, all the info you need is on Wikipedia
  • Here it is in its official IBA glass, obviously: Drink up

Or, if you'd rather. The French 75!