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Episode 47 - So it Goes


Trigger warning: The ALYT family lost another pet this week, and the show gets a bit sad around the 39 minute mark. Fair warning. In other news, we go through lots of FB/FU this week, and Matt has his mind blown- because fireworks.

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  • Mr. Pieces may have scored us another listener; the boys fail to come up what a pseudonym before recording and fail again on the show
    • We're sorry, New Listener, come back again for your christening.
  • Thanks to listeners who wrote to, there were some great emails after last episode. Jody's heart-cockle is warmed and he is more motivated than ever to keep ALYT going (even after twins arrive)...keep the missives coming, please.
    • And our first paypal donation!
  • Rethinking Scouting and the UU church in light of Lady Sports Ball Esq’s feedback.
  • Feedback from The Canonical Listener:

    • Simple solution for the brightness of Jody's new kitchen lights...dimmer switch.
    • Religion: What do you think about being a non-religious, spiritual person? Where and how people, learn/figure out right from wrong is important, & I think it comes from their upbringing. Though I am NOT a religious or spiritual person, I do see myself as a morally conscience person (most of the time).
    • Focus: For the advanced math and science guys, create an equation using these factors:
      • Time it takes to complete task/project.
      • Difficulty.
      • Satisfaction/Relief felt upon completion.
      • Deadline.
    • These are factors I use in order to complete my "percolating tasks list". If it is so overwhelming to think about these things daily, think in longer terms. Plan for a week, 1 or 2 things a day, then enjoy the rest of your evening. Success leads to progress, and, Progress leads to success.
      • Drake Equation, ever wonder if there's other life in the universe?'s how a physicist deals with an un-answerable question.
    • Future topics/updates:
      • Matt - pre-shooting routine? Congrats on another 2nd place.
      • Jody - saw your blog, it seems sporadic? (Glad the podcast is more frequent)
  • Matt on secular spirituality:

  • Jody's rapidly expanding family benefits from his partner's initiative to sign up for Medicaid. The state of Florida believes this should be given to pregnant women and children. Should Jody feel guilty?

  • Jody’s started a text file of topics for “The Legal Episode” Email us with your questions!

  • Great "future-self" xkcd this week. xkcd

  • Progress on the Priceless Projects watch winder: vid

  • Jody has minor epiphany to leverage his main core-competency as a podcast sponge in order to learn about parenting.

    • So far, he's discovered the Nerd Parents podcast. He'll mention other discoveries in future episodes.

Main follow-up/topic...Jody's stupid dog and source of trigger-warning

  • The Canonical Listener's confusion/reaction
  • BTW, Matt is not acting, Jody did not prepare him at all for this topic
    • Any doubters shall be doomed to listen to the sad ukulele on an infinite loop