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Episode 48 - Spam & Podcasts with Matt & Jody


Jody and Matt get caught up after another brief hiatus. Also, we hear from some listeners, bite some phones, and recomend some other shows.

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Follow Up / Feedback:

  • "The Stack," from Matt: stack
  • Eloquent and lengthy email from 2000.
    • She has a pseudonym now
    • She lobs a few softballs to Matt
    • Many, though not all historians have argued that Joan of Arc had epilepsy (which Matt referenced on the show). Others think schizophrenia is more likely. There's also Geschwind syndrome, which can create some of the experiences Matt was talking about.
  • Email from Mr. Pieces with a productivity link
  • Pleasantly surprised to hear from a new listener, Zee German from Bariloche, Argentina
    • Don't be creepy, but who wants to go for a visit? This place looks stunningly scenic scenic Bariloche

Fake Follow Up

  • This week in Standing Desks, Jody's telomeres could be benefiting
    • But Matt wants to poke holes in the math as always
  • The Economist looks at open access to scientific findings
  • Jody's partner gets caught up on the ALYT back-catalog (in her own way)
    • She went through show notes pages for the previous episodes we have on the website.
    • In her words, "this is a much better way to keep up with your podcast [as opposed to listening to it]".
  • Jody went for a run...and immediately got a cold.
  • Jody researched a bunch of buzz-words related to a job posting
    • How do you know when a job posting is above your pay-grade vs being written by an HR person who doesn't really know what's needed for job?
  • Jody's car bumped (again!), this time by a mystery person. He's too sad to take another pic.
  • Matt commiserates with Jody because his phone now has a cracked screen. Here's what happens when you bite your GS4 right about where it says "Samsung" on the top: phone (it's hard to see in the pic, but in person, it's cringe-worthy, as was having the grit of gorrilla glass between Matt's teeth)
  • Jody apologizes for stranding TCL on WinXP and offers to dual-boot him.
    • Jody recently revived his mother's old laptop by installing Linux on it.
  • Both Jody and Matt recommend the StartUp Podcast where a former member of This American Life documents his efforts to launch a podcast network
    • Episodes are only about 20min long, so not our normal pick of an esoteric 2.5hr podcast
    • The first episode where the venture capitalist makes the host's pitch back at him from two different angles was excellent
    • If only the host had asked us for advice here at the Goodtimes Radio Network, we could have told him to bootstrap instead of seeking venture capital
  • Matt really likes The Flophouse podcast, though we agree they are cheating a bit, being total ringers, and all.
  • Jody recommends some shows: