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Episode 49 - Reconstructing the Vole


After the FB/FU, Jody updates us on his car again, which, well... but we find a silver lining. Then, a topic! Communication bandwidth, density, and medium. Not to worry, Matt has it all figured out.

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Follow Up

  • Email from Mr. Pieces, his take on I must/I should/I want.
  • Matt has a stack of cards representing meat-space follow up.
  • Some misplaced FU from TCL
  • The big reveal for The Watch-Winder from TCL

Fake Follow Up

  • Jody eats crow since Matt last to know sex of twins...both boys.
    • There, now Matt knows and the whole internet knows
  • Jody's partner being a good sport and using tin foil hat messaging app now that she has new android phone. It's called TextSecure, brought to you by Whisper Systems and one of my favorite hackers, Moxy Marlinspike
    • Matt may have heard about TextSecure on Planet Money
  • Jody's car saga reaches the final level...Subaru totalled Jody's totalled Subaru
    • It was surreal to follow behind a tow truck carrying one's own car
    • Jody started getting "New Car Buying Concierge Service" emails from insurance company even before the adjuster called with the news that the car was a write-off
    • At least Jody doesn't have to worry about the airbag recall.
  • Speaking of staying positive...Interesting article on why positive thinking is holding you back sent in by the “Non-listening Friend of the Show"
  • Jody's phone is getting flaky
  • Matt verified something important with his borrowed microscope

Topic, Communication Bandwidth Management (or knowing your audience)

  • Would Bandwidth times density = information mass? Is that a thing?
  • Jody wonders frequently which mode of communication is right...voice-call, face-to-face, email, txt?
  • Matt has THE solution:
    • Voice: for conversations that require back and forth about more than one question, and one or both of the following conditions apply: a) there’s a time constraint and answers are needed forthwith and/or b) judging tone/emotion is especially important
    • face-to-face: Similar to above, but vital when tone/emotion are absolutely critical to the matter at hand.
    • email: for multiple-question conversations where complex information must go both ways. Especially appropriate when one/both parties will need to do research, or think over questions raised in the convo. Text: for short/single-issue comuniques. Emoticons (which I resisted for ages) do actually help avoid confusion over tone.
  • Lately, serious conversations between Jody and his spouse have increased due to impending children
  • Jody struck by how nice it is to know someone very well be able to quickly brain dump on the other person...even better when it can go both ways.
  • Jody wonders if ALYT sometimes too high bandwidth for the listeners?
    • we have a long personal history and much shared podcast lore that lets us keep the show tight...but is it too dense? Do we get ourselves get too deep in the joke-reference stack? random pic during recording