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Episode 50 - Thoughtful Silences


There's bleeps and bloops galore as Jody and Matt attempt their first ever call-in show to celebrate episode 50.

Live stream of episode-50 on YouTube:

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Lady Sportsball, esq. wrote in to say she hopes you’re well after the crash, and to apologize again for the crash back in ‘96. We’re all fine, LSB,esq. Let it go. She also suggests: “Jody should buy the car seat first and take it to the dealership. Some Babies R Us let you take the car seats out to the parking lot to try them out.”


  • remains awesome, this time by allowing Jody to replace his mother's information-phone's ailing battery.
  • Jody now has a new car
    • Surprised to get a substantial check for a 10 year old car
    • Able to get Cobb Access Port uninstalled despite dead battery
  • Jody participated in Run at Work Day at his place of business
    • His personal best was not bested, but Jody still happy with his showing (despite finishing substantially behind Mrs. Pieces)
  • Matt interjects the obligatory xkcd reference
  • Jody managed to ship a little bit of internet porcelain


  • Many technical matters did not go as planned (apologies to Lady Sportsball, esq.), but we did manage to take a couple of calls
  • Mr. Pieces dials in from his hybrid-mobile
    • He makes fun of Jody's socially-awkward conversational pauses...and then immediately turns that into a completement
    • Mr. and Mrs. Pieces are now bad-ass triatheletes
    • Matt tries to include is his students in choosing a catchy name for the physical unit of momentum
  • Matt's partner updates us on her job search

Ramblings, various:

  • Matt talks about space:
    • Video of the Antares disaster:
    • The first Orion flight, on the other hand, was an unmitigated success:
  • The Landau game... This one is four points: Landau