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Episode 51 - Think of All the Ways You Can be Wrong


It's a laid back, vacation episode this week. After a lovely call-in from LSB, esq., the boys talk work, cars, AI, and Basilisks. No, really.

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  • Real audio feedback from LSB, esq!
  • podcast renaissance
  • e50
    • TCL watched the entire youTube stream. It was “a feast for the senses”.
    • Matt’s partner, most important detail is that Mr. Pieces sounds like John Roderick (in a good way)
    • Ok, you can listen to Roderick on the Line, but that doesn't mean you can stop listening to our show.
  • Name dropping “The Senator”, making him a listener
  • Spouse position update: To quote MrP: "Companies are only as loyal to you as it's convienent for them to be."
  • Wanderers, an amazing short film by Erik Wernquist, using vintage Carl Sagan audio as narration. I dare you to watch this and tell me you didn't get chills.
  • Matt & Jody love twin studies. Here, however, is an interesting paper on how the merits and dangers of such work.
  • Rabbitt hole alert! Anti-gay group in Virginia puts up a dumb billboard claiming research on twins shows "no one is born gay." The problem? The stock photos they used are both of a single man (so, not a twin), who's openly gay and proud. Nice work, guys.


  • The Dali Lama might be the last. Matt calls this the weirdest pissing match in geo-politics
  • Matt’s job interview
  • Drool-y cat almost derails the show cat
  • Jody has his eyes opened and mind changed by Subaru’s adaptive cruise control. Seguay to artificial intelligence topic

Topic - artificial intelligence?

  • Are you a Kurzweil exponential optimist, or are you chicken like Elon Musk or Dr. Hawking?
  • Basilisk phenomenon? this a harry potter thing?...time travel plus AI?
  • The Argument: Have we or haven't we crossed the threshold of computer chip connectivity approaching the scale of human brain connectivity. Jody says yes; Matt says no. To be continued...