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Episode 52 - It's Hard to Draw the Fish


Jody and Matt are playing catch-up this week, reuniting after an interminable hiatus to hear about the babies, learn about memory, and discuss the conduction of a proper taste-test.

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ALYT- The Technology Company!

  • Seriously, check out Jody's cool new ALYT app in the Google Play store. He's justifiably proud of it, and would love your feedback! You can find it here, or with a quick search on the play store. Thanks, Tryers!

Jody's early experiences with kids

  • Names withheld for tin-foil hat reasons
  • An "easy" day of labor became a hectic couple hours and then it was in to the OR

    • The data during labor looked good (solidly in the "gray zone"): Pic of baby monitor

    • The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right Purchase the book using that link to support ALYT!

    • Ignaz Semmelweis, for anyone not familiar with the fascinating story of the man who saved countless mothers' lives by pushing the concept of antiseptic procedures in the mid 1800's.
  • With all of the craziness surrounding hospital/labor/delivery and the accompanying sleep deprivation, Jody is reminded about scuba diving:

    • During scuba certification check-out dives, sometimes the dive master will make you do a simple math problem or draw a fish

      • At depth, simple math can just plain elude you...even though you feel normal
      • Once your little sketch of the fish makes it back to the surface, it looks like the creation of a deranged toddler, not something from your own hand.
        • As Matt puts it: What you think you drew Fish
        • What you actually drew Rothko
    • Now that the twins are here, Jody still feels like himself, but it's hard to draw the fish

New phone for Jody == Nexus 6

  • C'mon, big 6! This is a large phone, all the great apps now fit on one home screen
  • Camera gets good photos of babies
  • Great for the internet plumber on the go (look at all the space for command-line goodness!): nexus6 screen shot
  • Volume button placement right next to power button is slightly annoying
  • Which gives Matt an idea for...

Future Topic Tease: Technology Choices

  • Matt needs a new phone soon, and is contemplating switching carriers
  • Cable Cutting: Is it time? I think we can help people here.

Matt on Restaurants & Memory

Taste Testing

  • Matt first heard about the "triangle test" he mentioned on This American Life, he thinks, but he can't find the episode
  • The wikipedia article on discrimination testing eplains a lot of what Matt was talking about.
  • Bulleit Rye, they're not a sponsor, but they make the best value/money Rye in Matt's opinion.
  • The Pseudoscience of wine tasting:

Women On 20's!

  • Help to make it happen by casting your vote here: Womenon20', and be sure to tell your friends!
    • Matt voted for Margaret Sanger, Clara Barton, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Jody mentions depictions of math on money, the boys furiously comb the internet for it on air, and came up empty. Jody's fairly sure he was thinking about this Swiss bank note with Euler on it swiss mathematician money