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Episode 54 - From Future, Through Present, To Past


Yes, it's been a few weeks, so the boys have some catching up to do. We get a baby update, some literary recommendations, and some insight into how Matt will be spending his time and money this summer.

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Follow Up

  • Title suggestions for Matt's blog pouring in
    • Blog will also review food trucks encountered in Matt's wanderings (he's invented a separate evaluation scheme just for the trucks)
    • Matt's notebook went down to Miami Memorial Day weekend to try 4 restaurants
    • Whichever name Matt chooses, he's going to use this affiliate link to to support his own show
  • Recent comments on open science and reproducibility
  • Pint of Science was good for Matt, Jody, and respective partners - Matt saw: Nuclear Medicine, epigenetics, immunotherapy for cancer, Haptics/design
    • Jody attended bacterial resistance, archeological 3D imaging, and waste water recycling

Fake Follow Up

  • Podcasts are now on Spotify
    • Jody wants to use this as a jump-off for some Solutioneering to re-invent podcasting, but he’s going to restrain himself since it’s not that kind of episode
  • More podcasting news...Merlin and Siracusa now have a podcast together
  • Testing, the AP Exam and John Oliver
  • Matt learned something new about Audacity (also related to testing)
    • Turns out, software used to produce this show can also rescue AP exams
  • Matt researches his next phone/carrier
    • Google Project Fi vs Cricket or StraightTalk. Pros & Cons, etc.
    • Jody recommends Ting (at least they advertise loyally on other podcasts)
  • Matt’s Partner made a Square Space site for her business!
  • The Goodtimes group is gearing up for another Red Bull Soapbox event.

    • Ideas so far: Lebowski theme (various vehicles), Indiana Jones (Motorcycle & sidecar), slinky (possibly with articulated center and double-ended steering) Red Bull Soapbox racer
  • Summer Matt and Summer lists:

    • Watch all the sports (TDF, WWC, Wimbleton, etc.)
    • Learn some R (the open-source statistical programming language)
  • Shed project 2.0
  • Office project 2.0
  • Refinish floors
  • Ship the Foodie Blog
  • Run 25 Times (80 miles)
  • Help my Dad with his move/new house
  • Sailing Adventures

TOPIC: ???

We can't be bothered with a real topic when there's all this follow up.