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Episode 55 - This is a Family Show


Quick turnaround, right? We're back with a Bonnaroo report, some real follow-up about tech choices, and a eulogy for TCL's truck. It's actually kind of a sad show, but Matt saves it at the end.

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  • Matt calls Big Red and gets a discount just for asking
  • Bonnaroo Report!

    • Summer Matt in his natural environment: Summer Matt

    • Alabama Shakes: Matt's pick for performance of the festival. Check her out here:

  • Jody needs closure on Matt’s food’s an open-loop that’s been eating at his soul. The only solution is for Jody to finalize the internet plumbing and Matt to ship the first post...FIRST!

  • The dog is back (briefly), and it makes babies seem that much weirder (to Jody)

  • Life-change-let-down for Mr. Pieces
    • He’s didn’t get the out of state job...ALYT sympathizes
  • ALYT eulogizes TCL’s truck: RIP, Truck