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Episode 56 - Meager Internet Fame


On another topic-less episode, we get a baby update, talk about machine learning and science journalism, food, blogging, food-blogging, and a little bit of sports ball. Finally, Matt practices his canine psychology.

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Summer Matt has 3 vacations in 4 weeks

  • Bonnaroo (previously discussed), then beach, then NOLA
    • Read all about Matt & his partner's NOLA adventures here: Part 1, and Part 2
  • Also known as rant-bait for Matt
  • Lady Sportsball, Esq. sent us this article about machine learning in science
  • Spoiler, this is not the birth of Skynet
  • But Jody and Matt both excited by the progress made by this combination of humans, data, code, and computers

Matt slowly shipping content to GBRB

  • It’s been pretty fun.
  • How do I know what the Blahg wants to be? Is that even an important question? xkcd-181
  • How do I know if anyone is reading it? (Analytics?)
  • How do I get it out into the world? Just keep telling people? Do I have to pay for FB to be extra creepy?
  • Shout out to Rooster, and congrats on their expansion. You'll find Rooster at the very top of Matt's "Favorites" page on the blog he may have mentioned.

Matt's Sportsball update

  • Merlin Mann & John Siracusa argue about the social value of sports. (It's a long show, but the sportsball argument begins right around 1:21.00)
  • US WWC team triumphs!, Le Tour has been exciting. British Grand Prix was excellent too. Couldn’t get into Wimbledon this year (too much going on)