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Episode 57 - Don't Fear the Reaper


First, some updates on Babies and careers, then a hint of a TOPIC: Have you ever felt inspired and deflated at the same time?

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Fake Follow Up

  • Jody has a strange experience at church...volunteer in charge of audio teaches Jody’s spouse the hard lessons learned from the Zoom recording device Lessons learned by this podcast but in another context...maybe we are helping people
  • Baby update, 6 months old, teeth are happening, crawling soon, B removes his own sock
  • Pieces family moving to SC...and proud we are of all of them
  • New Vertical Ventures location in St. Pete...Xanadu!
    • try to find rendering and real images from new gym
  • Jody’s spouse found a good Kickstarter for programmable jewelry
  • Legal help from LSBEsq: Infographic on your rights in a police encounter
  • Matt’s Partner’s Career
  • One-Plus-2 will be announced today...and Matt still can't get it since he needs an invite to spend his money, and possibly a VR headset to view the announcement
  • Jody ate a Carolina Reaper pepper pic of Carolina Reaper pepper
  • Carl Sagan's amazing The Demon Haunted World. Matt's favorite skeptical gateway book.
  • Link to Jody blog post on blocking link bots

Topic: The "Inspiration/Deflation Sine Curve"

  • Matt's APSI learnings and challenges
  • Do you ever feel inspired, and deflated at the same time?