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Episode 57.5 - A Stack of URL's


Testing...testing...does this thing still work? The boys recorded a little preview/bonus episode to tease the triumphant return of ALYT.

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Planning session

  • 10 installs of ALYT Android app, double digits!
  • Matt's now teaching adults...and they don't ask good questions
  • Topic suggestion for episode 58, “Jody’s Pitch Deck”

Not discussed

  • Jody feeling the itch to record (finally)
  • Matt manages to get the phone of his dreams
  • Having kids as time travel
  • babies == tiny zombies
  • Neil Degrsse Tyson inverviews Edward Snowden
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Jody's not into the Star Talk show format, but this interview was good audio
  • Pluto close-ups, Mars-water, are Matt's students excited?