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Episode 60 - Funnier the First Time


Dammit Neil! It happened again. But despite some lost bits, the boys manage to record most of a show. About space!

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Follow Up (Real):

  • Matt's been running! 11/100 done already!
  • Jody thinks Matt's new shoes are just ugly enough to keep pace
  • Jody's Spouse-person gave her own grades for Jody after episode-59
    • "...most categories are better than he thinks, and one is worse" won't believe which it is!

Follow Up (Fake):

  • Tryers, please post an ALYT review in iTunes, we’ve had the same 2 reviews forever and one of them still looks like sock-puppetry or astro-turfing (not sure which applies) by Matt

Topic: Space!

  • Jody and Matt were planning to share personal favorites from the annals of spaceflight, and why they’re significant...but you know, time constraints
  • Why do humans do space travel? What is its true value to humanity (both practical and more ephemeral)?
  • One of Jody’s earliest childhood memories is barging into an adult Trivial Pursuit game with a correct answer to, “What was first animal launched into space?”
    • It was clearly a monkey, but the adults were unsure, possibly confused by the Cosmonaut Hero Dog Laika Posta Romana - 1959 - Laika 120 B.jpg
      • That’s right, the dog is famous enough to be on postage!
  • Jody went to Space Camp / Rocket Camp at MOSI, memories are all-a-jumble