At Least You're Trying

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Episode 61 - Podcasters in Cars Getting SD Cards


Yes it's been a while, but NO, they have not quit trying! Today it's an exercise in marginal sound quality as the boys venture out into the world for supplies, then venture into deep intellectual waters (or not) regarding Jody's nominal topic: PROGRESS??

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Fake Follow Up

  • Matt has not yet reached "peak testing", but he can't be far off.
  • Jody is determined to lose 10lbs
    • Since beginning of March 2016, he's been running 3-miles, 3-times per week
  • Phife Dog from A Tribe Called Quest dead at age 42 from diabetes complications
  • And Prince!
  • Who's the 3rd in the cluster? China the wrestler?
  • John Oliver covers Puerto Rico's budget crisis Lionfish
  • Matt cited some Bigiest Loser research
  • Matt's at 32 runs for the year
  • New side-project for Jody: Minecraft as a service!
  • Large Hadron Collider has weasel problems

Real Follow Up

Jody's Non-Scary Topic: Progress?

After Dark

Minions begging for bananas
An Army of Peeps
Leloo Dallas Multipass