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Episode 62 - Eddy Currents


It's the first recording in a long time. Matt has tales of the magnet lab.
Did his hover-board project get off the ground?

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  • It's been a while since we've recorded an episode over Skype. We almost remember how...
  • Matt's in a new school year
  • The Christina Carther Old Seminole Heights Bicycle Pub Crawl is upon us again
    • Thanks to Pat Of The Forthcoming Patcast for the awesome t-shirt design: pub crawl t-shirt design

Matt's magnet lab experience

  • Matt worked on a "hover-board"...of sorts matt's note card
  • Matt regaled Jody with a photo essay of interesting whiteboards and chalkboards crazy physics whiteboard wavy physics whiteboard solar system chalk board
  • Jody retaliated with choice page from his newly rediscovered Quantum Mechanics Notebook Jody's quantum mechanics gibberish
  • Not mentioned in the show, but Jody delights in this 3d magnets video (the really good stuff starts about 3min into the 10min video)
  • Hendo hover board

trailing off...

  • baby update from Jody
    • A&B are talking...more A than B
    • Here's a brief and terrible glimpse into Jody's life as a parent of twins...yes that's Baby-B biting Baby-A while Jody tries to wrangle them into place for a decent baby photo Jody wrangles babies
  • Recent SpaceX test-fire explosion