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Episode 63 - Internet of Eels


It's been a while! The boys meet in a local establishment to discuss Jody's only topic idea in a long time...'scale'; How do you scale as a human?

Recording in public made Jody self-conscious, but Matt still talks a bunch about the education system.

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Jody had to scale immediately to 2 children

  • ...he's still struggling with that.

Matt scales his knowledge to N-students-per-day

  • Matt might be able to adjust value of N to be inspiring or depressing how depressing this number might be.
  • Jody was impressed with Matt's handling of Net Neutrality for his students
    • Matt answers with direct call to action to vote...nice way to scale that message :)
    • take opportunity to discuss NN since it went well at the Indy over the holidays

A bit of SpaceX talk led into recommendations:

  • Elon tried to catch the Falcon Heavy fairing with a boat named Mr. Steven

Mr. Steven boat pic

  • Matt says the boat's name is a reference to a sci-fi book series, but couldn't come up with the title at the time...
    • It's the "Culture Series" by Iain M. Banks
      • Other SpaceX boat names come from these books (like "Of Course I Still Love You" and "Just Read the Instructions"), but the origin of the good-ship Mr. Steven is unclear
  • Matt had never heard of Ray Kurzweil
    • You might recognize the name as a brand of music synthesizer from the 1980s (same guy)
    • Or you might also be hoping that The Singularity Is Near and that you'll soon be able to live forever once you upload your mind into...well, something other than your body
  • One of Jody's top sci-fi pics is Altered Carbon
    • Which now has new life as a heavily-promoted Netflix series
    • Jody watched immediately and recommends, even if it goes to far with the ultra-violence

Matt's new/expensive hobby...Airsoft Army LARP-ing!

  • Matt's foam sword gun: airsoft gun airsoft larping airsoft larping relaxation
  • Dr. know what the music means

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