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Episode 64 - Disappointment...No, It's Your Topic


The boys try to stay positive in the face of disappointment, but who's topic was this anyway? Recorded one day after the 2018 U.S. mid-term election, please endure a nearly content-free clip-show. Blame us for the lack of content, but not for the audio quality...this one almost didn't happen.

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Front Matter & Fake Follow Up

  • Follow-up copyright John Siracusa 2011
  • Matt and his life-partner bought another house! They have a his/hers situation for now (like they always wanted). They’ll probably flip or rent one of them in a year or so, depending on the market.
    • New house has some mastic glue residue on the floors, so Matt considering vinyl planking as an option vinyl planking
    • Oddly, Jody trying to sell a house...
  • Mousetrap cars at the Physics Bowl
    • judges were were the tornadoes
  • Matt on a solid fitness kick, he goes to Crunch in the AM before work 3-5 times a week.
    • On three of those trips he runs around in circles upstairs
    • For the other 2 he uses weight machines or the TRX (although the last two weeks it's been amazing running weather outside)
    • Matt trying for a new 5K personal-best, if he doesn’t hit it, consider it another disappointment
    • Jody...non-fitness kick, but he’s been running a bit
    • silly tire flip machine
    • Something about a color run?

The Color Run, Grand Prix Edition (Melbourne 2014)

Brief election talk on day after mid-term election...

  • Rising tide vs capitalism/protectionism

and the real topic...Disappointment

  • Jody often has a let-down feeling after making something cool with, "now what?"
  • some (potentially) applicable links
  • Matt forgot a big one: his students' AP scores last year were atrocious. Every year, right before the test, Matt will mentally (or sometimes on paper) make a list of AP students, categorizing them as “Definite Pass, Definite Fail, or 50/50”. He's almost always proven right on categories 1 and 2, and about half the 50/50 kids make it.
    • After last year, he might need to stop doing this. Every single one of the 50/50 kids failed (as did one of the “definite passes”).
    • Matt went to the AP Summer Institute with a real sense of desperation; looking for anything to staunch the bleeding. He walked out with a little more hope
    • Now, 12 weeks, or whatever, into the school year, Matt knows he has some strong kids, and many are really putting in work, but he's still super scared of another huge May disaster
  • Matt didn’t get dept-chair job...see ALYT lore
    • Aha!, this must be where the "Disappointment" topic idea came from...
  • Jody surprises Matt w/a many rehearsals are ideal for a lab or a lesson?
  • Jody studied the wrong thing in didn't he do Computer-Science???
    • Matt messed that up too...should’ve done hard science. He still thinks about doing some kind of physics degree
  • Jody broke his giant Nexus6 phone :-(
    • Considering Oneplus 6T as replacement
    • Also Google Pixel 3 (but it's expensive) shattered nexus6 phone


  • Matt recommends the movie BlacKkKlansman
  • This episode wouldn't exist without Zencastr, we were able to record a podcast from inside a web-browser...but it's also potentially at fault for Jody's bad audio quality
  • Jody deeply regrets not having these ready in time to be used on the soundboard we had available for this episode: